I wrote about exporting BizTalk Applications. Today, I will explain how to expand these MSI's to extract assemblies. Why would anyone want to expand the MSI's? One reason might be to verify your build / deploy pipeline or to do a production audit.

I have written a simple PowerShell script that can expand the MSI's of your BizTalk applications. The assumptions are:

  • The script is executed on a BizTalk application server
  • BizTalk is configured
  • I tested the script using PowerShell 4.0 and 5.0. It will probably work with PowerShell 3.0.
The script can be found at GitHub. The script is written as a standalone script. You can pass on variables at the prompt such as:
  • msiDir -- where the MSI's can be found; this is a mandatory param
  • expandDir -- where the assemblies will be expanded into; this defaults to system temporary path

Hope it works for you. I intend to add related scripts, such as one that can expand the MSI, after they have been exported.